New Year’s Eve breakfast with friends.

As we are away at Christmas time, we usually get together with our friends on New Year’s Eve.  We do a present exchange, and it’s normally in the afternoon, so we have nibbles.

This time they asked us if we would like to do breakfast.  So exchanged gifts, and I am pleased to say that they loved the gifts I had chosen for each of them, and also a joint one.

Then it was homemade sausage and biscuits, with fried eggs.  I took a bottle of Asti Spumante, so we could have bucks fizz, or mimosas as they are called here.  The food was amazing, hubby had orange juice with a splash of alcohol, but the 3 of us enjoyed our early celebration.

Upon leaving I was given part of an English Christmas cake, as I didn’t get one this year, and a bottle of homemade Eggnog.

20191231_134037 (1)

We drove to the gym, and I did an hour and a half workout.  It was upper body machines, as I couldn’t bend over, with all that food.  This afternoon I did a routine from HASfit on YouTube.  They had a great selection, and I did a 20 minute Fat Burning HIIT workout.  With warm up, and cool down, it runs around 25 minutes.


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