New Year’s day 11 hours of football, 2 of those at the gym.

Both Boxing day, and New Year’s day are holidays in England, so it’s non-stop Premier League football.  We saw the first half of the Brighton & Hove Albion – Chelsea match in bed, and Chelsea were up 1 – 0 at halftime.  While having coffee, and breakfast we watched the second half, where Brighton equalized in the 84th minute.  I had put this down for a Chelsea win, but pleased for Brighton to get the draw.

Then it was down to the gym, where I started watching the Southampton – Tottenham match.  I warmed up on the treadmill doing arm stretches, waiting for my girlfriend to come at 10.30, so we could do 30 minutes boxing.  I got to see Ings score for Southampton in the 17th minute.  We had fun boxing, taking turns on the bag, and then the last 10 minutes, both either side.  I got a good sweat up.  It was back to the treadmill for the second half of the match.  While watching, I was using my 8 lb. weights.  The final score stayed at 1 – 0.

Then I drove home, made my protein shake, and am now watching the Manchester City – Everton match.  It is into halftime with no score.

The one we are very anxious about is the Arsenal – Manchester United match.  I think I will be listening, and not watching, as Arsenal have played so bad recently.


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