Happy to have our free television up and working.

I wrote a blog post on December 10th to say that we had won a free smart television.  It always happens that friends say that they will help you out with anything you need.  They know hubby isn’t able to do the things he used to.  I contacted several, and offered them the 46 inch HD flat screen television, if they would take it down, and set this one up for us.

A good dancing friend of mine, that I have known forever offered hers, and one of her son’s friends to come and do it.

They had it down in no time at all, and the new one up.  The guy made sure it was working, and got me online with it.  I am so grateful that I have a TRUE friend that means what she says.

Today the F.A. Cup matches from England were on ESPN+, which meant we could watch it in the living area.  At the gym I missed the first hour, but when I was stretching on the Bosu ball, and dancing.  I had the app going on my phone to see the last 30 minutes of the football match.

Now when there is a 7.30 a.m. Cup game we will be able to watch it in bed, like the Premier League that is on a regular channel.

I am so blessed to have such a friend.


  1. It’s so surreal to hear that the football is on at 7.30 am!!

    I think it’s amazing while I’m sat there watching a 12.30 game…you and the hubby are sat there too!

    Different ends of the world…different time zones…but all still connected by the beautiful game!

    Tell you what does take the piss though! I live 5/10 mins from Old Trafford and can’t watch a single 3 o clock game unless I use a dodgy box (Which obviously I’d never do 😂🤪😛)

    You guys get them all don’t you!?

    I’ve heard(😂)when you use the dodgy box to get the 3pm games that we’re not allowed to see over here…all the channels showing them are American!

    Hope you are loving life and having the best day ever! Glad you got the tele sorted and let’s have a hoorah for good reliable friends! ✌️❤️

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  2. Yes we get all the Premier league games on Spectrum, which is our cable company. We don’t pay a t.v. license, but cable is really expensive. That’s why I love the ESPN+ app, for $49 a year. We had every F.A. Cup match available today. Hard to choose.

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  3. Wow…So does that ESPN + include prem,champs league, carabao cup as well…or do you have to go to spectrum for the full selection?

    As you probs know we get screwed. No access to 3pm games at all, have to pay the TV license…pay for sky/virgin…then pay for sky sports…then pay for espn for the games they show…and now to top it off…Amazon are getting in on the act and you have to pay them too!? 😂😂

    We also don’t get a choice of what games to watch…it’s get what we are given…governed by sky and the premier league.

    No wonder Paul pogba has forgotten he’s a footballer and think he’s a movie star! 😂😂👌

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  4. Its’s the same in Australia, to watch all sports through the world because u love it..cost around a hundred a month.. or you can get a deal for $79.90 a month.. and then its the cost of putting it on.. i love sports and would love to follow it, but 1200 a year.. and then we have the big events of the world to watch them is an extra $50.00 just for that fight or what ever it is..so we are looking at roughly $1,500 a year.. sorry the big one is if you miss a payment with in one day.. your cut off and you have to pay the bill and an extra sixty dollars for late fees before it goes back on.. so i love sports but the thought of the payments and the shit you go through..see ya cable ill just follow on the internet.

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  5. I completely agree with everything you said my friend.

    I don’t know how it works in Australia/USA but if you missed a payment here…the charlatans will also front load your 12/18/24 month contract…which they have you by the balls with.

    If you were to default…in the first month…you’re getting slapped with the remaining 11/17/23 months worth of payments left all at once.

    Can’t pay it and they’ll send it to a debt collectors who will threaten you with a CCJ…to completely obliterate and nullify every area of your credit file.

    The fundamentals….the…heart…soul and purity of sports in general have been corrupted in my opinion.

    Saddens me as it has more than spread to grass roots level.

    I run a Neuromuscular Rehabilitation clinic and often have to treat professional/Semi professional/youth athletes.

    From a human cognitive and physiological perspective…I always end up seeing more negatives than positives surrounding sports these days.

    To me these giant corporations we speak about have sucked the life…the art and fun out of it all.

    As a consumer they don’t just want our direct debits…they…want our souls too it seems 😂

    The thing that really does sadden me is that the power is with the people.

    I’m with you…I’m internet all the way brother.

    I hear so many complaining about how much they are being ripped off….but very few will ever do anything about it.

    If the whole of England were to cancel that monthly direct debit to sky…and say F**k em (being more polite because I’m on susies feed 😂)…then what could they do!?

    If they had everybody turn them off…and refuse to put it back on until it was fair…it wouldn’t be long before they put their prices down or stopped extorting us like a mafia.

    Man Utd down the road from me…80,000 fans a game.

    The amount of people who complain to me about the season ticket/match ticket prices.

    Again…if that 80,000 suddenly dropped to zero…if suddenly no shirts were being sold…things would change…rapidly.

    Alas…still the majority lap it up.

    Enjoyed your comment and interacting with you. Have an amazing day/night wherever you are ✌️❤️

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  6. WoW that was so good to get your reply and yes i know about the football in England as you call it and i know about the power of following their club.. i have a mate that was born and breed Man Utd he has there logo tattooed on his back..lives them so much so when his wife was haven there last bub’s he was at head office..she rang him to say it was a boy and their son at 1 hour old was a member of one of the most powerful clubs in Europe Haha.. And yes sports is the power of the dollar players don’t play at clubs because they all ways wanted to, they play there because they offer the biggest contract in dollars..we have it in AFL and most sports in Australia. Yes it’s what we call fucking greed and yes the tickets to a game keep going up every year..and yes they all boost 60,00 to 80,000 members but to me $1,000 dollars plus for 11 home games and thats the average seats, with this if your team gets into the final 8 and finishes in the top 4 its an extra 200 for a final game at there home ground.. I’m looking at going to the GF this year as it’s the first time i can afford it in my 61 years of life.. average seat $700.00, air fares $600.00 accomodation for 3 nights $360.00 and then spending money for the one biggest day in AFL Haha it’s on my bucket list.
    Yes you are right the grass roots of sports is forgotten and yes even the only junior clubs that survive are the ones with money.. for a junior club to field teams at be a club in most shire zones is $12,000 for the ground 9 months, and $8,000 for umpires and offical’s 20,000 just to get the club on the field, most clubs charge between 200 to 350 for your kids to play sports be healthy and give them a love for something that is so good for them..
    Id could go on for ever Lee i put 50 years of my life into it as a player and coach and i was really at a very high level up as a development coach in AFL and a strength & conditioning coach with very high profile players in all sports for over 30 years.. walked away from it not enough money didn’t like were it was going but i will say i learnt a lot through sports and made some great friendships and still are.. and knowing the joy that i gave adults, kids, teams, individuals and clubs the art of learning to win & loose, the bond of friendship, how to be and do every thing as a team, and learn about them selfs as a person.
    But Lee no regrets only great memories and lots of medals and knowing the love of sports created a lot of the man i am today.
    Have a great day buddy and yes i can see where u are when it comes to sports.

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  7. My pleasure…it’s great to get yours.

    Sounds like a Utd fan with the back tattoo 😂😂

    Haha that is absolutely brilliant! Indoctrinated into the red army and will have a home with us for life.

    I’ve never really checked out the AFL tbh but I massively respect it as a sport and a performance endeavour.

    Total greed I agree.

    Yeah great point…it’s not just the tickets and seasons tickets…it’s the extras on top if you get to finals etc…then the travel!!!

    I think your story right there is the perfect example tbh.

    It’s quite poetic and touched me.

    I see and get that about it being the first time in your 61 years. It’s just a shame these clubs couldn’t give a flying a fuck.

    Well I sincerely hope you get there and it’s monumentally spectacular!

    You’re bang on the money with the grass roots…nail on the head.

    Not enough people are aware of how much money is needed or the fact that it’s only the teams with money that can survive/progress.

    Charge them all that money and only want to focus on the kids that could “make it”

    The amount of psychologically damaged 21 year olds I deal with because they were promised the world…then just thrown on the scrap heap like a piece of shit is scary.

    You’ll know exactly where I’m coming from as you will have lived and seen it too.

    I hear you with the journey. That’s why I run my own clinic and tell them it’s my way or the highway.

    I’m picking up where you left off. You didn’t like where it was going….and I don’t like where it’s gone.

    I totally agree…working/playing/being around that team/performance background…teaches so many essential and functional skills for life.

    Will also develop bonds that will last forever.

    Nah no regrets…just living through the lessons learnt…the beauty and the chaos.

    It’s been great to hear about your journey…really has.

    You’ve inspired me to check out some AFL and get to know it better.

    It’s nice to hear you’ve never lost your passion Paul. Keep doing you brother ✌️❤️

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  8. Premier league is Spectrum (cable) and most of the rest are ESPN+.We even get Champions league (that was 2nd division) too. Twenty matches yesterday, and however many were on my Gillingham post. It’s so hard to choose which one.

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  9. I don’t have a contract with Spectrum, and can cancel anytime. I wrote when they took over from the previous company they put it up an extra $40. I cut down on channels we didn’t watch, and got it back to the same price. It went up last month, and I phoned them, and as I have my mobile with them, I got the extra $10 off the bill. I am a very savvy shopper. ESPN+ is $4.95 a month + tax. I do pay yearly as I get it for $49.

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  10. The perils we face for the beautiful game!!! The emotion more than makes up for it!!! Love it…if ya can get a better deal than power to you!

    Savvy is smart…couldn’t agree more ✌️❤️

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