Working on gaining strength.

Today I spent an hour on the weight machines.  I started each one at my comfortable weight, and then went up in 2.5 lb increments, until I got to the next rounded number.  I did 10 of the highest ones, on each machine.

These were all upper body as my right knee won’t allow me to use the machines.  Then I went on the upside down Bosu, and did lots of stretching, while bouncing.  I did full squats so I was down on the ball as low as possible. I had one foot in the middle of the ball to stabilize it, and my other one on a high ledge.  Of course, I had to do my dancing on the ball, as that is so much fun.

I love variety in my workouts, and it works for me.  I had a young women on the mat with me, and I had my legs touching the ground behind me.  She said that she can’t even do that.  I am so proud of the way I progress daily, weekly, and yearly.

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