This is what I ordered from Amazon.

This is what I got:

20200105_131724 (1)

First off, it was left in sunshine, and I live in Florida.  Wouldn’t the chocolate have been lovely.  Secondly, when I brought it in, I opened the package, only to find it had something totally different in it.  The moment I realized that, I checked the label, and it wasn’t for me.

Luckily the address on it wasn’t too far away, so I personally took it to the person.  They had opened mine, and so we exchanged open packages.

I did do a ‘chat’ with 3 different departments at Amazon, to let them know that they had done this, and that it had been put right by us, the customers, and not them.  Secondly I told them that I would not be buying anything chocolate in the future, as this had been left partly in the sun.  They said that they had made a notation on my delivery instructions.  We will see if it happens.

The only reason I bought them is that they were 8 dollars, and change, and I had $5 to spend with them.  I thought I would get something that I would enjoy.


  1. Terrible!! I ordered my daughter a set of pens for Christmas from Amazon and what I got was 2 spray bottles! I had to ship those back and wait for the pens. Luckily I got them in time.

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