I am amazed that Burger King keep their employees.

I wrote a couple of months ago that our local Burger King was closed.  Soon after we saw that it was being renovated.  This work went on for 6 weeks.

Today hubby and I popped in there for a junior Whopper, and a drink.  The inside does look really modern now, and a big improvement.

When I went up for a refill of decaffeinate coffee, it was quiet, and 2 employees were standing there.  I knew them, so started chatting.  I asked how long it had taken, and I said that I trust you were paid.  They said ‘No’.  I said ‘Surely they gave you something, like half wages’.  Nothing, and it was leading up to Christmas.  This really upset me, as they weren’t offered work at another location either.

I am very disappointed in Burger King.

Local Burger King closed so went to McDonald’s.



  1. Our local Chick Fil A is being remodeled. They started in September when we were in Italy and they’re still going on. Of course, we had our big November snow storm which most likely delayed it (they are making a double drive thru and adding additional parking). It was supposed to be done by Thanksgiving but that didn’t happen. Then I heard mid December and that has come and gone. I’m guessing late January now. Maybe. So that would 4 months. So we’ll see what happens with the employees.

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  2. Did you keep sending your membership payment to your favorite gym when it closed?

    When the Burger King closed, why would they pay people for NOT working?

    Those jobs are a dime a dozen. When BK closed, people can walk across the street to McDonalds and start working the next day.

    You better believe “corporate” is in it for the money. Anyone who isn’t working for the money would be crazy.

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  3. 13 gyms in our area are free with our H.M.O. After a car drove into our restaurant we continued to pay our employees partial wages until we reopened, but that’s the people we are.


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