Got a big surprise at the pharmacy today.

I called into our local Walgreen’s pharmacy today, as I had notifications that 3 of hubby’s, and 1 of my prescriptions were ready to pick up.  There was no one in line, which was great as hubby was sitting in the car.

They know me so well, that they get the prescriptions when they see me.  This time I was asked if hubby still had insurance, and I said of course he does.  He has been with Optimum since the day it started.  The lady said that we had been charged $750 for the 3 medications, as no insurance was listed.  I was frustrated, and said I don’t have his 2,020 insurance card on me.

It took some time, but finally they were able to get Optimum back in the computer, so that he had 0 co-pays.

I said, Thank you, and Praise be to God, that it was rectified.

Hubby was wondering what had happened to me in the store.  I told him that I was the only one originally at the pharmacy counter, and what had taken place.


  1. Glad it was straightened out. Sometimes insurance info disappears from medical databases, goodness knows how. My friend went late one night to get a drug for her husband, who’d just returned from the ER with a blog clot. The pharmacist said it would be nine-fifty, and she pulled out a ten-dollar bill. He said no, it was $950.00. Insurance wouldn’t cover it. After she’d started breathing again, she called his boss and got some kind of adjustment. Scary.

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