I hate the GPS app.

We were only given notice of the new address yesterday afternoon for our boxing at Top Brother.  I passed the address onto my ladies, and all of us put it in our GPS.  We knew it was on Grand Blvd, just below Trouble Creek.

Hubby and I left 15 minutes earlier, than I would have done for the 1 mile drive, to their old premises.  I followed the directions of the GPS which was very straight forward.  I turned into what was supposed to be Top Brother, and it was the entrance to a community.

My phone rang, and it was one of my ladies that told me she had been in that same development as I was.  I told her I will make a phone call, and find out more.  Before I could do this I had a text from another one, saying she couldn’t find it.

I made my phone call, and it was in the shopping plaza, on the corner of Grand, and Trouble Creek.  If we had known that we wouldn’t have needed the GPS, and would have found it without several phone calls, and wrong turns.

The premises are huge, and the place is looking amazing.  My new lady came, so we had a great session.  I got my ladies started on the basic combinations, and then spent as much time as I could showing my new recruit the stance, jabs, and punches.  Also protecting herself while doing so.  She managed 20 minutes, and watched the last 10 minutes of boxing, and gassing out.

We all enjoyed the training, and they can’t wait for next week, when we will all arrive on time.

Thank you again Top Brother, for allowing us to use your facility, at no charge to us.  I love being able to volunteer my time, and wouldn’t be able to without your gym.


After this I did an hour at Family Fitness, had my boxing session at Load More Plate, drove hubby to sign the checks for our timeshare (he is the President, and I am on the board of directors), and managed to get home in time to watch the Leicester City – Aston Villa match that ended in a draw.


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