The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to ‘Step back’ from Royal Life.

I have started this post, deleted, and started it again.  I have very mixed feelings about this decision that was made by Prince Harry, and Duchess Meghan.

Being English, and loving the Queen, I truly feel in my heart that they should have told the Queen, before the press.  This is a common courtesy for anyone, if they respect the person concerned.  I know for a fact that I would have discussed this with my mother, before acting on it.  My grandmother was dead.

I told my mother, and my daughter that I would be moving to the states, before anyone else.  If I hadn’t have done, I couldn’t have lived with myself.

I can see Meghan, as a commoner finding the Royal life extremely hard, and a husband should stand by her, but this was the coward’s way of doing it.

I am a Royalist, and it hurts me to write this as I love all the Royal family.  I am sure I will be roasted in the comments over this post.

Photo: Pixabay


  1. It certainly is a very emotive subject, I wrote one of the shortest posts I have ever written not expecting many people to notice but was surprised by the response.
    I think it’s rather a shame, it feels as if they haven’t given it a proper go but perhaps that’s the younger generation for you, if he was looking for a role model to copy he only had to look to his mother to see how to do it properly.

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  2. I’m not English and I completely agree. I was shocked that they didn’t tell her first, this is just common courtesy. And honestly, when it comes to our families we should strive to do more than just ‘common’ courtesy. To me this would be a slap in the face.


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