We have the paperwork from the attorney.

I wrote 2 posts in December, about my husband’s health issues increasing, and the need to deed back our Orlando timeshare.  We had been using our points for 2 weeks in Treasure Island, but hubby gets disorientated in those apartments, and only feels comfortable in the ones that we are on the board of directors.

Yesterday I received the majority of the money back from R.C.I. (the exchange company) for the upcoming 3 years, and today the paperwork to deed back the timeshare itself.

There are several pages, lots of signatures, witnesses, and it must be done in front of a notary.  Hubby was a notary for around 10 years, but of course we had to go elsewhere, for anything that needed done.

I have booked an appointment with a bank specialist so that this will get done correctly.  I will be so happy when this transaction is competed.

Now I have the credit card bill in for the $1,500 cost, and the $1,600 for the air conditioning handler.

Two necessary Christmas presents.

Trying to deed back one of our timeshares.

Update on deeding back our Orlando timeshare.

Photo: Pixabay.


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