WordPress Reader goes from 18 minutes to 12 hours ago.

On a Saturday and Sunday I spend a great deal of time watching the Premier League Football from England, and working out at the gym.

As I am watching the football on the television sets, I am on the treadmill.  I always do at least an hour of either lifting 8 lb. weights while walking, or using the incline up to the maximum level 15.  Then I will walk, and use my phone to follow sites.  I often manage 4 or 5 hours of followers posts, while there.

However, this is how my WordPress app worked today.  It went from 18 minutes, back to the last time I had viewed it, 12 hours previously.

So now I am home, and will be doing it on my laptop, which means that I will do very little, as I have a life to live as well, and can’t sit here for hours on end.

Love WordPress, but hate it too.


  1. Unfortunately most aggregators and newsfeed systems are designed to incentivize frequent use, which often results in glitches like the one you’ve shared. “Refresh, restart, reinstall.” This is a common mantra in the app dev world!

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  2. I’ve head problems reloading the stats page – takes forever. But it’s people like you that keep me patient. (BTW – I do a solid hour at incline 15 / 3.7 every time at the gym 👍)

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