This is what I do. Kill it every time.

I have a special relationship with Load More Plate.  I have known Ryan, the owner since he first came down to Florida.  He is the one that took my punching a bag, and not knowing what the hell I was doing, to the level of being able to teach others.

Whenever he gets new trainers, I come in, and work with them on boxing.  I have the time, the energy, the love for it, and have so much fun.

This is the third time I have worked with Nicole, and now it is her calling the shots, instead of me.  I love that us old ones, can teach the young ones, from our own knowledge, and experience.

At almost 72, years ago seniors stayed at home did knitting, crochet, took care of the home, and that was pretty much their lives.  Now we are doing what 30 – 50 year olds do.

Loving my life.

This was the third gym I went to today.  Boxing class, lifting weights, and boxing session.


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