2 exciting Premier League Football matches.

It’s been a busy 2 days, as I wrote about in my previous post, but I did get to see most of yesterdays, and today’s big matches.

Yesterday I watched the first half of the Manchester United – Burnley match to see Burnley leading 1 – 0.  I then drove to Domino’s Pizza to pick up our monthly pizza treat.  Hubby loves their pizza.  I got back just in time to see Rodriguez score a second goal, which totally blew my mind.   Burnley who are in the second half of the league table, were far superior to the slow motion United players, and totally deserved the 2 – 0 win.

We got to see the goals of the Leicester City 4 – 1 win over West Ham, and Tottenham 2 – 1 victory over Norwich.

Then today it was Wolverhampton Wanderers against Liverpool.  Liverpool have been on fire this season, and I have to say that Wolves gave them a totally even game.  In actual fact when the score was 1 – 1, I honestly thought Wolves were the better team. Traore played brilliantly.  In the 84th minute Firmino scored a second goal, and right up to the last second, it was anyone’s game.  Yes, Liverpool won, but in all fairness a draw would have been a fairer result.


  1. At this point, the question is not whether this team will win the title, but whether this team will join Arsenal and Preston North End as “invincibles.” I think that, especially if Liverpool are still in the Champions League come April, they could get tripped up in Manchester against Man City. But if they eek out at least a draw against them, I think these will be the next Invincibles.

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  2. Hello Susie I enjoy reading about your Football league games. It is a very popular game here in Canada.

    Please read my blog called ” My Big Mistake “. It explains why and I am sorry for what I did. I am re-following again. Lets keep in touch and I promise not to do that ever again.

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