Boxing yesterday, and Kickboxing today.

Back into the swing of my workouts.  Yesterday I was working with my ladies at Top Brothers, followed by an hour at Family Fitness.  Then I worked with Rashad at Load More Plate.  It is the second time I have boxed with him, and not only did we do mitts, but also the bag.  By the time I had done endless amounts of going around the bag, jabbing with my left hand, my shoulder was letting me know that it was hurting.  This is a 8 second video of that part of the session.  We did a lot of footwork, and he had me running the ladder, as I find skipping (jump rope) hard on my right knee.  It was fun, and I love working with 4 boxing trainers at Load More Plate.

Today it was Body Combat first, followed by the ab machines, and weights.  Then bouncing on the upside down Bosu ball for balance, and cool down.  Home for a quick protein shake, and then Muay Thai Kickboxing with Jake.  We worked on a lot of combinations, and he told me how much I had improved.  It made my day.

This video doesn’t exist


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