How Often Does The Brain Need A Reboot?

As we get older, I thought that this gets more applicable to us. There is some great information, so I hope you will take the time to read it,


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Our brains need systematic reboot just like the computers and as often as is neededful. The term reboot might sound technical but then our brains are the best computers money can’t buy and it’s high time we pressed the reset button when when we begin to lose our minds.

We tend to forget how fuzzy thoughts can become when the brain is not refreshed or rebooted. Oftentimes, our brains get all messed up in a way. We feel crazy – like we’re losing our minds due to the accumulated needless, distracting and interfering thoughts in our minds. Sometimes we get irritated and angry because of this. We find it hard to think straight or properly. If only we could realize at that point that we need to unwind and reboot the central nervous system to feel alright.

What Can Brain Reboot Do For Us?

Brain reboot helps…

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  1. Reboots may be needed every hour on the hour : )
    Some say the brain is like a sponge. absorbing and absorbing information. Others say it is a filter. For sensory overload and thoughts could surely overtake us. It is both, I think. Now I just need to get mine to be more spongy. Somehow this description works… only in this context.

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