Saturday mornings are always on the treadmill with hand weights.

No Premier League football to watch today, so it was my smartphone with the ESPN+ app.  We had watched the 7.45 F.A. Cup match at home, where Leicester City beat Brentford 1 – 0.

Then it was down to the gym for the 10 a.m. game.  I have the app on my phone, so set up the match, which was Southampton against Tottenham.  Spurs won the first half, but were tired in the second half, so I gave that to Southampton.  Final score was a 1 – 1 draw. They will have a replay.

I put the treadmill on 2.5 mph as I was using 8 lb. hand weights.  Usually I do the weights for the first half, which is 45 minutes.  This time I continued with the weights to do a full hour.  I do love to push myself.  For the remaining period of play, I walked on the treadmill, at 3 mph.  Cooling down for the last 5 minutes.  The image shows my length of time, but the calories wouldn’t be correct, as it can’t take into consideration the weights.

Now I am home watching Hull against Chelsea.  It is the 54th minute, and Chelsea are 1 up.

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