Shrewsbury have a replay with Liverpool.

Yes, you read that right.  In actual fact Shrewsbury scored 3 goals, and Liverpool only 1.  However, one of Shrewsbury’s goals was an own goal.  Final score 2 – 2.

20200126_13530920200126_13532920200126_13534020200126_13564520200126_135647Screenshot_20200126-150523_Football mania

The first 2 matches this morning were totally predictable with the two Manchester teams winning against smaller teams.  They tend to save there best players for the Premier League matches, and put in lesser known players for the F.A. Cup.  This worked for those games.

When it came to the Liverpool they decided to play the same way.  I only recognized 2 of their player’s names.  In the 15th minute Liverpool scored, and I thought ‘Here we go again’, and in the 46th minutes it was an own goal from Shrewsbury, which put Liverpool 2 ahead.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Shrewsbury supporters started leaving at this time.  If they did, they missed the goals in the 65th, and 75th minutes.

Shrewsbury did have a chance of winning the match, but that didn’t happen.  What a turn up for the books, that a little team had more shots on goal, than the #1 team right now.

Very well done.


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