I have to start offloading items in my second bedroom.

I always give items that have been worn, or used a little to any of the charities that are willing to pick them up.

I took some paintings down to The Second Time Around Consignment shop, and sold a few.  I also took some down to our Club House when a function was on, and donated money to the social club.

However, this is what my bedroom looks like.

So last week we called into Consign&More to see what they took, and their procedures.  We were allowed to take 10 items, so I picked out a couple of the canvas pictures, 2 porcelain dolls still in their boxes, priced $40 each, 30 years ago.  4 articles of clothing that I had never worn.  I bought them years ago, and my weight changed so they never got worn.  One still has a $60 price tag on it.  A new bathroom item, and bar item.

They accepted 7 out of the 10.  They weren’t interested in the dolls, or one of the paintings.  So I signed a contract, and we will see how it goes.  If they don’t sell, or I only get a few dollars, then I will seriously think which charity to give them to.  I have known people that work in these shops choose items, and they never go on the floor, or make good money for the charity.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.



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