League Cup Final will be Aston Villa – Manchester City.

The semi-finals for the League Cup is 2 legs, 1 being at each ground.  The first match 3 weeks ago was a draw 1 – 1 for Leicester City against Aston Villa.  So yesterday’s game was played at Aston Villa, and they beat Leicester, to win on a 3 – 2 aggregate. That was certainly a turn up for the books.

Screenshot_20200129-174020_Football mania (1)

The same with the 2 Manchesters.  They played at United’s ground 3 weeks ago, and United lost to City 1 – 3.  So this afternoon it was at City’s ground.   Manchester United scored in the first half, and then received a red card in the 76th minute, to go down to 10 men.  Right up until the last second Manchester United could have scored again, but this didn’t happen.  Therefore the aggregate score was a win for Manchester City by 3 goals to 2.  Again Manchester City didn’t come up to the expectations that were had of them.

The final will be early March, and it will be very interesting to see how Aston Villa will do, (16th place in the league) against Manchester City in 2nd place.  As they beat Leicester city in 3rd place, the underdogs could just do it.


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