Free Beyond Burger at Denny’s today.

Try a free Beyond Burger at Denny’s today.  Yes, you read that correctly.  You do have to purchase a soft drink, but that’s all.

After doing 147 minutes of working out today that equaled 1805 calories.  Yes, a lot as it was Body Combat, and Muay Thai kicking, as well as 30 minutes of other options, I was ready to eat.

We went to Denny’s around 2 p.m., and were seated immediately.  It took awhile for a server, and the food was slow.  That was totally understandable, as people were ordering more than one burger.

I didn’t tell hubby it was a vegan burger as he probably wouldn’t have wanted to try it.  It had tomato, onions, lettuce, pickles, and a sauce, in a multigrain bun.

I enjoyed mine, but I am not a bread lover, so you can see I ate everything except 2/3rd of the bread.  Hubby didn’t like it one bit, but that was fine, as he ate it all.

We were only charged $5 for our coffee, and diet coke, so I was very happy.  I don’t think I would pay the $8 + change for just a burger, no fries, but did enjoy the experience.

You have until 10 p.m. to get yours.


  1. At 86. and with age related dementia, I am his 24/7 caregiver. He takes 4 shots of insulin a day, and 23 pills. With kidney failure I can only let him have food that won’t stop his kidneys.


  2. I understand. Do whatever you need to do to rationalise tricking him into eating what you deem to be “healthy food” for him. Personally, I do my best to live an honest life in all of my dealings. Period. Do as you will. 😎


  3. He would live on cakes, cookies, pies, and he’s been a diabetic 46 years. His daughter tells him that he wouldn’t have survived 10 of them if it wasn’t for my caretaking of him. He is a walking miracle.


  4. Then stop assuming that he wants to always make the wrong food choices. Sit him down and really talk to him about balanced diets, moderation, and special circumstances. Using honest communication goes much further than lies and manipulation. He may surprise you. 😎

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  5. Always good to get something free. Not sure if that happened in Canada as well or not. I thought I would like to try the Beyond Meat burger until I read the ingredients on the box. Too highly processed, methinks. Will get my veggie son’s favourite veggie burger recipe and give that a try instead. Happy weekend Susie. Allan

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