Cooking, laundry, paperwork, and keeping an eye on hubby.

We did go down to the gym late morning for a short time, so that hubby could visit with his friends, have coffee, and chat.  I got to see half a Premier League football match, while on the treadmill with weights, and then we came back home.

Hubby slept most of the morning, and then again this afternoon.  He is finally back to being able to get around, and do things.

I took the time to finish off clearing out all my 2019 paperwork, so that I can start on the documents for our taxes.  I did the week’s laundry, made a full pot of chicken, and dumpling stew.  I had so much chicken left, that I tried a new recipe.  I found it online, and it said ‘Simple and deliciously baked chicken with a mustard honey glaze – this is definitely going to be a top-contender in your weekly recipe planning’

We ate a bowl of stew first, and then I cut up one of the cooked thighs, and neither hubby or I liked it.  It was perfectly cooked, but the flavors just weren’t right for us.  The seasoning stayed on the chicken, and didn’t go into it.  These won’t be wasted, as I will use the chicken, and make my curry.  It will make the chicken delicious.


20200201_170224 (1)



  1. Made scones and brownies today! I got this nifty silicone scone pan so I no longer have to roll them out. I just scoop the dough into the round pan with 8 pie-shaped compartments (wedges). So easy.

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