The knob came off the door handle.

It always seems something needs to be fixed around the house, and the latest one was the inside knob coming off of our front door.  We were able to remove the whole thing, as we still have a deadbolt lock, but no handle to open it up.

I drove us up to Home Depot, and hubby was going to get a screw that had broken/or whatever happened with it.  When I saw how inexpensive new sets were, I picked up one, and we will attempt to do it ourselves.  If all else fails we will be calling in a reliable handyman to fix it.

The good thing is that we never go out the front door, and lock it, so even if someone that fixed it managed to make a key, the deadlock would be on.

You have to be so careful who you hire nowadays.



  1. Hi Susie. I know exactly what you mean. If you can find ‘the guy’ who is trustworthy, not going to rip you off, and do a good job, they are Invaluable. I hope you do find someone to help. We have gotten to the point where ladders are challenging as the smoke detector is beyond the reach of the ladder. A good handyman is worth their weight in gold! I wish they were easier to find. 😳 good luck Susie!


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