Getting hubby out of the house.

Yesterday was a good day for hubby, which is such a treat.  Today he is back to another sugar low, although his sugar was at the correct level when going to bed.  I have no idea what is happening this past week with so many lows.  I am going to have to monitor everything he does.  His weight has gone up 5 lbs over the past 7 days, and his bowel movements have been normal.

Luckily we both have appointments with the same G.P. in a couple of weeks.  I have to have all this information for her, to see if she can come up with a reason.  I am so knowledgeable, with him being a diabetic since I have known him, 41 years.

We will go much later, but I am determined he will go to the gym with me as I think mixing, chatting, and coffee with his friends is so important.


  1. I’m glad he’s had one relatively good day among so many that haven’t been. It’s a shame your GP appointments aren’t few a few weeks but I’ll keep my fingers crossed things level out and with you looking after him, making sure he gets out and does a little exercise too, he’s in the best hands! 😊
    Caz x


  2. I know when Nicholas has several lows it can take several days for everything to get back to normal. With Type 1s my understanding is that a severe low will deplete their glycogen stores in their liver. It takes a while for those stores to be built back up and so their body is working hard to restore those glycogen reserves (and they continue to have lows) From what I recall your hubby is type 2 insulin dependent – a bit different but it may be a similar situation.


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