Success. Our front door is secure.

Hubby and I worked as a team yesterday afternoon, and managed to fit the new door handle/lock.  Hubby put it together, and got it through the door, but was unable to secure it.

I got a cushion. put it on the floor, because of my right knee.  Then I was the correct height to match the 2 screws, to the holes that they had to go into.  I started them, and then hubby tightened them.

20200203_154355 (1)

Now there is no hole where the old one used to be, and I have 2 locks on my door, which makes me feel safe.

It’s amazing what you can do when needs be.

Health update.

After checking hubby’s sugar again, after orange juice, cereal, and raisin toast, it was up to 135, which made me happy.

We went to the gym, although he was reluctant, and I got to do boxing, lifting weights, and a cool down.  He sat with his mates, had coffee, and before we left managed to walk around the edge of the gym.  I was so proud of him.


  1. I love DIY projects where I learn something. I actually got a new washer/dryer last week. Because it’s on the second floor we have to have a drain pan (safety measure) under the washer. The delivery guys refused to put the new one in that I bought. So I told them they would have to wait while I figured it out. I did, all by myself. And then I gave them low points on the follow up survey


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