The most exciting F.A. Cup matches.

3 of the 5 matches today were drawing at full-time, so played an extra 30 minutes.  One was Cardiff City against tiny Reading.  and after another 30 minutes were still 2 – 2.  So it came to penalties.  This match wasn’t on the television so I had my Football Mania app on.  Cardiff City missed their first 2 penalties, and Reading put every single one in the net.  They won 4 – 1 on P.K.’s.

We watched the Oxford United – Newcastle match, and they were drawing 2 – 2 at full-time.  Newcastle scored in the 116th minute to win, over the underdogs.  Considering that Oxford players have other jobs/careers, they put up an amazing performance.

Birmingham City against Coventry City was a draw of 1 – 1 at full-time, and remained the same after a further 30 minutes.  It went to penalties and Coventry missed 2 penalties, to lose 4 – 1 to Birmingham.

Derby County won 4 – 2 against Northampton Town in regular time, and so did Liverpool, who beat Shrewsbury Town by a single goal.

So glad that I got to see Oxford United play the match of their life.  I personally thought, that they were just as good as Newcastle, and deserved a penalty kickoff.

Tottenham, and Southampton play tomorrow, while Portsmouth, Arsenal,
Sheffield Wednesday and Manchester City play on Thursday.


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