We both enjoyed our late lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s yesterday.

It was certainly worth the trip to Ruby Tuesday yesterday.  They had a B.O.G.O.F., so hubby had the Cajun Shrimp and Chicken with penne, with a Parmesan cream sauce.

I actually brought mine home, but had the Shrimp with tomato, in a Parmesan cream sauce over penne.  I also added the all you can eat garden salad.

I went up and got my huge plate of salad.  Mainly ham, cheese, and eggs for protein.  I had almost finished it when I caught our server’s eye, and asked where my husband’s meal was, as he is diabetic.  She checked, and said that his was ready, but they were waiting on mine.  I told her to bring his out, and to box mine.  I knew that I was almost full, and didn’t want to delay us if hubby was done eating, before mine arrived.

He only ate around half of his, and was ready to leave.

Usually I would have spoken to a Manager about the long delay for my husband, almost 30 minutes, but as it had been a bad morning for him, I accepted it.  We have never had a problem with this restaurant, and the food is always great.


  1. My wife and I enjoy Ruby Tuesday as well. Sadly, the location nearest our home closed a few years ago so our indulgences are more spaced out now. We found a wonderful one last summer in our travels across Nebraska in Lincoln. Great meal!

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