Finally a normal day.

Yes, I woke up when hubby went to the bathroom, and had a bout of coughing during the night, but am delighted to say that only taking 8 units of insulin worked great for him.

He got up with me at 8.15, and was ready to head to the gym at 10 a.m., which is our regular time.  I got to do my hour Zumba class, some weight machines, and a cool down on the upside down Bosu ball.

Yesterday I just did my 30 minutes of Muay Thai kickboxing with my trainer.  Then in the afternoon I wanted to at least complete an hour so ended up doing a Hasfit video on YouTube.  This is the one I did, and is a favorite of mine.  I go with weights all the time, and love it.  Yes, I am sweating at the end of it.

Photo: A selfie of my Zumba top today.


  1. So glad things are better. Soometimes I feel like your life parallels mine. My husband cane home from lunch, fell asleep in his chair and I could hardly wake him last night at 7:30. His blood sugar was too low and he had orange juice and something to eat. I scared me when I had trouble waking him. He seems fine today. Yea!

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  2. Curious… Please excuse that we all aren’t the same yet, is winter vitamin D3 hydroxy levels altering? Is mannnnganese lower? Nuts aren’t hot for older teeth yet pink salt doesn’t excite me – both high in manganese which allows insulin to work. Spanish (red skin on ) peanuts. Or if you’re naughty with purpose, Hershey’s Mr goodbars…okay, snack sized. I myself can’t beach it to any use as I make the vitamin d but don’t activate it thus ooo big sleepy after beach… I tried golden berries a rarer vitamin d not c fruit. But I suspect just like every season I range up on thises and down on that’s. But I do knowwith big malaise’s the labs are blown. Manganese… Nuts… Insulin effectiveness.

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