A crash to wake me up, and hubby is on the floor.


No, thank goodness it wasn’t a sugar low.  That was my first reaction.  Hubby’s head on the floor, and pools of blood.  I got a towel under his forehead, and tried to hold it close, until he was aware of the situation.  Then I got him into a sitting position, and wrapped a wash cloth around his hand.

Once things were calm, I took his 4 prong cane, and had it in the lowest position.  I then had him hold onto it, and helped him onto his knees.  From there it was easy to get him up.

He had 2 huge skin tears on the forehead, and 2 cuts.  Then the top of the hand was pretty much open.  I put a 4 x 4 inch sterile pad, that doesn’t stick on the wound, and a bandage to hold it.

He is in the electric recliner, and we checked his sugar, which was 135.  He has had breakfast, and has been sleeping since this happened.

First off I thought it was a head injury with so much blood, but once cleaned I was so thankful that it was the forehead.  I shouldn’t have thought yesterday was a better day.


  1. The best thing you did Susie was NOT panic. I recently experienced a life/death situation but discovered that you have to keep calm, evaluate the situation, determine what you can do to help the other person and then if need be call 9-1-1. Good work Susie.

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