Thank you all for your concerns about my husband.

This morning I was watching him like a hawk, but am pleased to say that when the 12.30 Premier League football match came on, it bucked him up a bit.

He has slept on and off the rest of the afternoon, but a lot is boredom.  I won’t let him to anything today.

He has been watching me do the laundry, getting paperwork completed for our taxes.  His paperwork from England comes in pounds, so I have to work out the dollar value of pensions.  I cooked dinner, which he enjoyed, so think everything is going to be okay.

He has had many falls, including a really bad one at his granddaughter’s house, when they lived in Massachusetts.  We all saw him come down polished wooden stair with only socks on.  I am amazed he didn’t break something that time.

I will update you all tomorrow, but again I appreciate all the love, hugs, and prayers.



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