Muscles & Mimosa Open House at Load More Plate.

Hubby went out with me today, while I did an incline treadmill workout, and Zumba.  I asked him if he was out to coming to the Muscles & Mimosa Open House, thinking that it would be too much for him.  He said that he wanted me to drove him home.

Then it was workout, and party time.  I got to check out the magician, and the wedding booths inside, and of course a mimosa, and mini quiches.

I joined in the mini boot camp, where we had 8 stages, and that was a lot of fun.  I am not sure if anyone took video of it, but I kept up with the big boys.  (Women power).

Then it was back inside to watch some magic, and chat to people that I knew from the gym.

I grabbed a plate of fruit, which was delicious, another mimosa, and went outside to the tent.  Here I got to talk with the ladies of Berge Law, and Dave who is the franchise owner of Clean Juice.  We got to try a sample of all the juices, and I loved the one that contained beetroot, and the coffee one.

I had a great hour or so there, and left before the party finished, to get back to hubby.  Ryan certainly knows how to put on a party at Load More Plate.


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