2,000th post on WordPress.

My, I won’t say oldest, because she is younger than me, but best friend and I treat each other to a lunch the week of our birthdays.  As we saw each other for an hour or so yesterday, we went to Chili’s, and had their 2 for $25.

We shared an appetizer, both had an entree, and then it comes with a double size slice of creamy cheesecake.  As I am part of their rewards program, I got a free dessert, which was a full size Molten Chocolate Cake.

My girlfriend had only eaten half of her ribs, and for me 2 of my fajitas, so she managed the cheesecake, and I ate the hard chocolate on top of the ice cream, as well as the ice cream.  Therefore the whole cake to bring home.  I ordered hubby a lunch meal, and he had the chicken when I got home, and will have the Chili tonight.

I forgot to take any photos, as it was so nice to be able to relax , and chill out with her.

My lunch today was very naughty.  Some of the chocolate cake, fresh sliced strawberries (no sugar on them), and a squirt of whipped cream.

I have several coupons for free meals this and next week, so will most likely be working out even more.


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