A better morning, but doctor’s office not really interested.

Hubby got up at his normal time today, and we got ready to go to the doctor’s office for blood work.  I put the walker with the wheels, and seat in the car for him, and he had the the cane with the 4 pronged foot.

We were called in on time, and the young women that takes the blood is the most efficient person I have ever had.  She has taken me from a bundle of nerves, to having blood drawn without a reaction.  She did mine first, and then hubby’s.  She obviously looked at all this skin tears, as she bandaged his hand, that I was trying to keep open to help it dry, and heal.

No one else spoke to either of us.  So we left.  Every 3 months after the blood is drawn, we go to Burger King to have a sausage, egg, and cheese croissanwich.  It is hubby’s treat as he loves them.

From here down to the gym, and I went straight into the Zumba class, feeling full.  The first half an hour I went slowly as I didn’t want to loose my breakfast, but finished strong.  We then came home.

Hubby would NOT use either of the walkers, and everyone told him he is too stubborn for his own good.  I have done all I can do.


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