Cheesecakes instead of birthday cake.

Valentine’s day is my birthday, but I never have a party on that day.  Everywhere is so crowded, and the prices double/triple.

One year we made reservations at a Steak Restaurant, and when we arrived were told it was an hour’s wait.  I asked them why we had bothered to make reservations if they were running that late.  I can accept 15 minutes, but no more, due to my husband’s diabetes.  When we left the wait was 2 and a half hours.

We usually have a small party at the Fraternal Order of Eagles (F.O.E.) and for years I would get a half sheet birthday cake, that would run me around $25.  I would have 1 slice, hubby wouldn’t eat any, and most of the club got to enjoy it.

Last year I did 24 cupcakes, and as I don’t like the icing/frosting in the states, I had one mouthful of cake.

I was in Winn Dixie Supermarket, and they had these 16 ounce (1 lb.) 8 portion cheesecakes.  I love cheesecake, and so does my best friend, so I bought two, and this way 16 people can have a slice.

The live music, and dancing are free, and the drinks are really inexpensive.  I will only have one as I am driving, but it will be a nice little get together.  We are doing it tomorrow, because the 14th will be so busy, and I won’t get near the dance floor.

How do you celebrate your birthday?


  1. I stopped celebrating my birthday some time in my twenties, but after I got married my wife decided to appropriate the day which essentially gives her two birthdays every year! By the way, you might be interested in trying a super easy no-bake cheesecake that’s made with graham cracker crust, cream cheese, and strawberry weight gainer protein powder. I know it sounds nuts but it actually tasted really good.


  2. Happy Birthday,Susie! Your 2nd name should have been Valentina–lol. Birthday celebrations for me would vary but definitely ,I enjoy every moment of it to be memorable.


  3. I was thinking of making reservations at the local fondue place on Valentines but it was totally booked over a month ago. Maybe I’ll go on my birthday. We usually do dinner with my sons somewhere.


  4. Happy almost birthday Susie. We used to try to go out for dinner on Valentines Day, but like you found the long waits not worth it. Since we are now retired, we time shift it to the day before or after. Lots of restaurant space and a lot quieter in the place. As to birthdays, typically, my wife takes me out for lunch or dinner and I do the same. Our son also treats us to brunch or lunch near the day. We have learned to be flexible. As to cheesecake, it is always time for cheesecake. Allan


  5. Happy Birthday week! Makes sense to celebrate in a way that fits you and your husband needs. Hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend! ❤️🎂


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