Prayers coming over to the U.K. for Storm Dennis.

Two storms in a week, and hitting the west coast of the British Isles.  My daughter emailed me a newspaper headline earlier this week about it.

We are watching the Southampton – Burnley Premier League match, and it is being played on the Southampton ground.  This is right on the south coast of England, and the ball is swirling in all directions.  It is almost impossible conditions for the players.

From the internet ’70 mph winds, and up to 5.5 inches of rain in some areas.  The heavy rain, wind, and melting snow may cause flooding in hundreds of homes.

Photo: Courtesy: Pixabay.



  1. I’m just grateful we don’t live in an area that floods – well we intentionally don’t live in such an area. When Cyberspouse had done his thirty years in the police and we could live anywhere ( within financial limits! ) I said we must live by a river or the sea. He said rivers flood, so here we are by the sea, but not near the cliff top which is liable to slide into the sea. Today is the sixth anniversary of the Valentine’s Night storm when lots of our local beach huts were smashed to smithereens. It was a battle walking to the shops this morning, but at least I had a cosy home to return to.

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