Tottenham Hotspurs left it to the last seconds to win against Aston Villa. Arsenal finally had a 4 – 0 win over Newcastle.

We watched the first half of the Premier League match at home, and at halftime, they were drawing 1 – 1.  We arrived at the gym just as the second half started.  So I did the incline on the treadmill, while watching both teams score a second goal.  There were 4 minutes of added time, and Son scored the winning goal right when I thought it was all over.  What an exciting match. 3 – 2.

I then did the last 40 minutes of Zumba, before leaving the gym.

Now we are home and it’s Arsenal playing against Newcastle United.  The first half I was pulling my hair out, as Arsenal couldn’t score.  Well it’s come to life when Aubameyang scored in the 54 minute, followed by a goal from Pepe 3 minutes later.

I ended up taking a phone call, so got to see the end of the match with the sound off.  Arsenal got another 2 goals in added time.  One from Ozil, and the other from Lacazette.  Final score 4 – 0 to Arsenal.


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