We all need friends

My friend, who originally was my pen-pal, and I met through a magazine, when both of us were looking for help with our anxiety/panic attacks, etc.  I actually wrote to 3 ladies, and this was the person that I could relate to.

We went from writing to one another to phoning, especially when one of us needed help.  We found out that when we talked to each other, we both could totally understand what the other one was going through.

She called on my birthday, but I missed the call, so this afternoon she phoned back.  She has a medical problem right now, so I listened, and gave her my honest opinion.  Then I told her how hard life is for me lately, and that I am fighting against anxiety, and panic disorder.  She told me how well I am doing, and that I had everything under control.

Other people could say this, but they would have no idea of how I really felt.

We have only met once, when hubby and I took a trip to the Chicago area, where she lives,  She is like the sister I never had.

Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay.


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