A very understanding G. P.

Hubby wasn’t up to going out this morning, after the very early start yesterday.  So once he was settled I did my Zumba class.

I called him on my way home, and he was dressed, which pleased me.  We both had a yogurt, and then got to our doctor at 12.45 p.m.  The nurse took us in almost straight away, and we both had our vitals taken, and I went over the paperwork with her.

The doctor came into my room first, and I explained what had been happening in our lives.  She was extremely understanding, and has given me a new medication, which I will be picking up shortly to help me cope.

We both went into hubby’s room, and the paper we were each given regarding the chances of anxiety, depression, and suicide, really amazed me at my husband’s honest answers.  My score was 1, and his was a whopping 13.  This allowed the doctor to have a long chat with him.  She has increased him medication, and put him on a new one.  She has also ordered physical therapy for him, and he agreed to use the walker.  (Can’t see the walker happening, but still)

She told him that she wants to make his, and my life as comfortable as possible, which made me feel a lot better.

She spent a really long time with us, and I am to go back in a month, and hubby in 3 months time.

From here I took him to Golden Corral, as I had a free birthday buffet.  It’s been years since we had one.  Hubby had 2 no sugar added desserts, and I ate the chocolate covered strawberries, and marshmallows.  I wasn’t keen on the slithers of cake I tried.

This was a nice end to a stressful time for us.


  1. Sounds like you have an amazing doctor that understands all you are going through in your life. Happy you and Len enjoyed your birthday meal

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