How often do you wash your hair?

I think everyone will answer any number from 1 though 7 days.  None are right or wrong.

I do know that you can wash it too often, and it will take out all the natural oils you have in your hair.  Leaving it a week, it can become too oily, and make your head itch.

I tend to wash mine every 4 or 5 days, using a quality shampoo.  The one in the photo I am using right now is excellent.   This is not a review of it, but the

SASHAPURE Healing Shampoo 12 Ounce Sulfate-Free (355ml), Color Safe, Strengthen, Restore, Protect

really works well for my hair.  My hair is colored, and baby fine.  It makes it so soft, and manageable.  I mainly dry my hair with one of those towel things that you twist on top of your head, and finish of with the hair dryer on a low setting.

B.T.W.  The shampoo is down from $6.95 to $3.99 right now.  I know I am going to get another one on Amazon.

How do you treat your hair.


  1. Daily – Daily – Daily! I once waited 96 hours due to a screwed-up trans-Atlantic flight and I thought my scalp was going to peel off. Every person is different of course but for me it’s the first thing I do every day/

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  2. I wash my hair every other day because my scalp is itchy if I wait longer. I try to use natural products and try different ones. Just started using the teatree and mint by ogx. I like it so far.

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  3. My hair would freak out. I wash mine every Wednesday (day-specific lmao) unless I go swimming, gym and then i’ll rinse it with water. If it gets too oily for any reason I’ll use some cacao powder in between but usually, due to my hair texture/style – i’m good to go.

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  4. If my hair needs a little pick-me-up and I’m feeling lazy, I spritz some hair mist and it makes it smell like it would after a good wash (on lazy days).
    Check out my review of the hair mist at
    Please like and comment on the review with your thoughts!

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