Manchester United, Wolves, and Arsenal score 3 goals today.

It’s been one of those days when the Premier League Clubs have had a multitude of goals.  We watched the Man U match, half at home, and the second half at the gym, where they beat Watford 3 – 0.

At the same time Wolves achieved the same result with a 3 – 0 against Norwich.

I then got to watch the first half of the Arsenal – Everton game at the gym.  I missed the first 3 minutes, and was dismayed to see that Everton were ahead my a goal in the 1st minute.  Arsenal equalized in the 27th minute, and went into the lead in the 33rd.  In added time Everton scored a second, so at halftime it was 2 – 2.

Aubameyang did the same as Everton, and scored in the 1st minute of the second half to take Arsenal into the lead.  For the rest of the match my heart was in my mouth, as Everton had so many changes to equalize.

The final score: 3 – 0,  Arsenal are now in 9th position.



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