My workouts today, while watching my football matches.

This post is in conjunction with the previous one.  I did the treadmill while watching the second half of the 1st match, then I went into Zumba, which had already started, and completed the remaining 45 minutes.  I headed back to the treadmill for the 2nd half of the Arsenal game.  These figures are purely for the treadmill, and dancing.

While doing the treadmill, each time I started flat, and then went up to the maximum incline of 15, and continued this to completion.  Therefore I probably burnt even more calories than the amount shown on my phone.

As you can see my workout ended at 12.41.  Since then I have done the laundry, shopping, and a bunch of things around the house.  I needed this, because we have a meeting tomorrow, and I am not even sure that I will get to the gym.

Screenshot_20200223-124131_Samsung Health (1)


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