Hubby’s first physical therapy appointment today.

This morning we went to the physical therapy building, and I signed him in.  Neither of the 2 ladies on the desk spoke to us.  I sat there for ten minutes with his paperwork, that I had picked up, and completed, and the ladies continued to work, and talk.

We saw several therapists looking into the reception area.  Obviously waiting for their next person.

I finally went up to the desk, and stopped there until they looked up.  I said that we had been waiting for them to collect hubby’s paperwork, as it was now time for him to go in.

The lady checked the papers, and within 2 minutes we were back in the room.

The gentleman was really nice, and explained everything to us.  He put a belt around my husband’s waist, while evaluating him, so he wouldn’t fall.  He is in the moderate full risk.

Then they went off for some therapy, and he did ten minutes on the machine, was around the corner where they had 3 stairs, and then back in my area balancing.  He worked out for around 30 minutes.  That was more than enough.

This is close to all my gyms, so I was able to workout for an hour.

We have booked sessions for the rest of this week, and next.

I am really delighted with what my husband accomplished this morning.


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