As promised. Photos of the new Top Brother premises.

For the first time in weeks I managed to get to Top Brother before my ladies.  As I am privileged to be a key holder, I let myself in, put on the lights, and took some photos of this spacious area.

We all love the new place, as we can look out the full length windows, and not feel closed in.  The bags are perfectly placed, which allows me to get between the ladies, and show each one individually.

2 of my ladies are doing really great, as they have been with me for a long time.  My new lady is really enjoying boxing, and even gases out for 5 minutes at the end of the session.


It is not easy for me to get down there now, as hubby tends to sleep in, or rest while I am teaching.  I then have to pass the next gym to come home and get him, and then drive straight back down to that one.

I worked with hubby today on therapy for his stability, and strengthening of the legs.

I only had a few minutes of stretching before it was time to go to Load More Plate for my boxing session with Nicole.  I gave her every ounce of my energy, and had nothing left in the gas tank when I left.





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