Arsenal couldn’t even make it to the quarter finals. 2 – 2 score. Read more to find out why they lost.

This afternoon was a feast of football.    The UEFA Europa League final 32 play=offs were taking place.  15 matches in total, with one being postponed.

We got to see the Espanyol – Wolverhampton Wanderers match in Spanish.  Wolves annihilated them with a 6 -3 on aggregate.  Then the next match was Manchester United against Club Brugge.  United smashed them with a 5 – 0 today, and 6 – 1 on aggregate.

Both hubby and I had our phones on to watch a running commentary on the Arsenal (at home) to Olympiakos Piraeus match.  The first game was 1 – 0 to Arsenal, at Olympiakos, so Arsenal needed a win.  At full time Olympiakos had scored a goal.  This tied them at 1 – 1.  So 15 minutes of extra time was added at both ends.

In the 113th minute Aubameyang scored for Arsenal making it 2 – 1 on aggregate, and hubby and I were screaming.  Only 6 minutes to go, and we were praying for the match to end.  It got to the 120th minute, which included the extra 30 minutes, and we waited for the result.

Not meant to be, Olympiakos scored in added time, to get a draw of 2 -2.  The rules are that if it is a draw after the extra time, the team that has the most ‘away’ goals wins.

This year Arsenal are not going to succeed in any of the different leagues, and championships.

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