A change of plans.

As you know hubby had his first physio therapy on Tuesday, and I had booked today, and then twice a week.

On Wednesday afternoon hubby told me that he wasn’t going to go back for more physio.  I told him that he either did that, or went to the Silver Sneakers classes at the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Most of our friends go to that one, and they sit on chairs, and only stand if able.  He said that he would try it.

I talked to our friends, and they said that they would go in with him, and help him, in any way they could.  So I canceled the P.T.

This morning hubby didn’t want to go to the gym, and I insisted.  It was that, or the P.T.  I am not having him sit in the recliner to get swollen legs, ankles, and feet, as well as bed sores.

Finally he gave in to my demands, and I drove us to the gym.  We chatted to the friends that were going to the class.  I told them that I would be in Zumba from 10.30 to 11.30, and that they could come and get me if needed.

They went with him into the class at 11.00, and when I came out of mine, he was in the class.  I didn’t check on him, until they opened the door at 11.25 a.m.  They were all putting their chairs back, and hubby was chatting away.

He had sat in front of the instructor, and everyone around him helped out.  They said to him, ‘See you Monday’, and he said ‘Yes’.  I told him, I was so proud of him.  That if he had only done 15 or 30 minutes it would have been fine.  That I was really happy with his achievement.

I have canceled the remainder of his therapy, and will continue to praise him, so that he continues to go.


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