2 days in a row.

Wow, wow, and double wow.  We went to the gym after watching Brighton & Hove Albion loose 1 – 0 to Crystal Palace.

I go on the treadmill with my weights, and hubby usually drinks coffee, and chats.  Today there was a lady on the table, and she was talking about the 10.45 a.m. balance class.  I told her that hubby had done the Silver Sneakers one yesterday.

She told him about it, but he wasn’t listening.  I said ‘That sounds a great class’, and told hubby about it.  He sat with the lady, while I worked out.

Next thing I know is that he is walking into the class with her.  He stayed for the whole class, and came out with 3 ladies.  They told him how well he had done, and were looking forward to him attending more of them.

Again it was a sitting down one, and when he stood he held on.  I went to the glass doors to take a couple of photos, but unfortunately they didn’t come out well, because of the reflection, and also the sun shining through the high windows.

2 days in a row!  What more could I ask for.

20200229_112026 (1)


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