Manchester City win the League/Carabao Cup Final.

We watched the Everton – Manchester United 1 – 1 draw this morning, and I was checking the Tottenham Hotspur against Wolverhampton Wanderers match via a live commentary.  Wolves are on fire right now, as they beat Spurs 3 – 2 away from home.

I had looked to see if there was an 11.30 match, and nothing came up.  After I had finished Zumba this morning, I re-checked my football app, to find out that the final of the League Cup was taking place at Wembley Stadium.

It was a much tighter match than I had expected, and could have gone either way.  City scored in the 20th, and 30th minutes, followed by a goal from Aston Villa in the 41st.

The second half was fairly dirty, as 5 yellow cards were given.  City had 22 shots, but only 5 on goal, whereas Villa had 5, of which 3 were on goal.

I was hoping that it would be a draw, and then go onto extra time/penalty kicks, but we weren’t lucky enough to see that.

I do apologize for the quality of my photos, as the sun was coming through the blinds, and created a haze.



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