No boxing for the next week or so.

Saturdays when I am watching Premier League football at the gym, I go on the treadmill for and hour, and three quarters, with weights.

20200301_082417 (1)

The weights are on racks, and weigh up to 8 or 10 lbs.  I always use 8 lb. weights, and as I went to get them, another 8 lb. weight landed on my right hand.  It was on the same shelf, but at an angle, and my hand got caught between that one, and the one I was getting.

I didn’t think anything about it.  I did my full time on the treadmill with the weights, and last night I saw that my hand was swollen, and the bruising.  This has gutted me, as I will have to cancel all boxing this week, for it to improve.


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