Silver Sneakers this morning.

I am so proud of hubby, as he did the Silver Sneakers class Friday morning, and again this morning.  Saturday he did the balance class.  That is the most exercise he has done in years.

Already his spirits are lifted, and he is getting back to being how he used to be.  I tell him all the time that he is doing amazing.

With regards to me, and my right hand, I did Zumba yesterday, and again today.  I will be doing it tomorrow as well.  My aerobics will be great, but I will start to get frustrated as the week goes on.  I can’t bear the thought of no boxing, or lifting this week.

No boxing for the next week or so.



  1. So happy your hubby is feeling better. It’s amazing how endorphins can help lift your spirits. I’m sorry you hurt your hand, sounds like something I would do. I guess it’s time to really work those legs while your hand heals! 😉🥰❤️


  2. One day at a time…even for those of us who don’t have debilitating issues to deal with 24/7. Very hard, but hang in there. Bask in the ‘good times’ for hubby in the meantime…right?
    Oh and don’t forget your fabulous sunset ocean walks…

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  3. Good for your hubby. I’m trying to get my mother and mother in law to take a class. They want to but cant seem to find the motivation to actually go. I sure wish I could wave a wand and magically make them appear at class.

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  4. A;ll the ‘snowbirds’ are down, and also Spring break, so we have most of Jan, – April when there are no vacancies in Treasure Island. Hoping late April or May to be able to go again. I can’t wait to feel the ocean breeze.

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