Forgot my protein bar, and a snack for hubby today.

Wednesday is usually my boxing class, for my ladies, and boxing with one of my trainers.  Boxing was out of the question with my right hand, but Nicole, from Load More Plate, said that she would think up some kind of workout for me to do with her.

Hubby didn’t want to do the Silver Sneaker’s class today, so I had to talk him into going to the gym for it.

I forgot to take our snacks with me.  I did the very boring treadmill for an hour, but had it level, and then up to incline 15, and back down, for a solid hour.

Hubby’s friends talked him into going into the Silver Sneaker’s class, which made me so happy.  As I came off the treadmill at 11.30, I realized no snacks.  Close to Family Fitness is the Dollar Tree store.  I walked it in 5 minutes, picked up a packet of low sugar cookies, so hubby could have a couple, and was surprised that they had one flavor of Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt.

It was the Cookies & Cream Greek Crunch, and although I haven’t liked any of the ones where you add a crunch, or fruit to them, this one was okay.  I got my 10 grams of protein.

I was about to go to the bathroom, and get ready for my workout, when I got a text to say that something had come up, and she couldn’t make it.  That was fine by me, as a had cancelled it with her, when I had the accident.

So we went to Ruby Tuesdays for their B.O.G.O.F. entree, and hubby only ate a little after his snack, and I ate a full plate of the salad bar.  Lots of ham, different kinds of cheese, egg, etc., to add to my protein.  My whole meal came home for tomorrow.

I just love the deals, when you are a member of their club.