If you want to get FIT, you have to give away one thing…….


One of my gym buddies put this on Facebook, and I thought, ‘How true’.

I know so many people, that aren’t happy the way they are, and all they do is make excuses.  Even if I suggest coming to my free boxing classes, it goes on deaf ears.  We can but try, and everyone has to decide whether they really want it, or not.


  1. I was forced to exercise more when my car died 2 years ago and I couldn’t afford to get it fixed. Most of my trips these days are by bicycle. The side benefit was that riding helped my A. S. by reducing the pain levels significantly. For much longer trips (5+ miles each way), I rely on a couple of friends who help me out if they are available, or I break the trip into smaller segments with short rest breaks along the way. I am hoping to get a replacement vehicle in a couple of years, but I would still ride my bike in better weather as the few days where it’s too bad to ride, my body lets me know.


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